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Sounds of Oz - All Night Remix review

My first review by an Aussie music blog. Thankyou to Lauren at Sounds of Oz for your lovely review of my All Night (Adriano Desire Remix).

Lauren writes: I don’t typically get excited about a remixed version of a single. All too often I feel they’re too production-heavy and they strip away the essence of the song. But the Adriano Desire remix of “All Night” by Etoile Marley, which dropped today, is no ordinary remix. It’s one of the rare recordings that makes the single better.

I think Etoile’s gorgeous vocals shine more in this remix. With some extra space to breathe, you can really hone in on this track’s flirty lyrics. The reworked instrumentation also gives this track a bit more pop and polish. If you’re not bopping along by the chorus, I’ll be surprised!

Etoile is an Aussie-French independent artist. She grew up in Canberra before moving to Melbourne in her 20s. In 2015, she relocated to the United Kingdom where she’s currently based with her young family.

Etoile has got stacks more new music on the horizon, so give her Facebook page a follow to learn all about the exciting stuff in the pipeline.

You can view the full article here:

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