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Power 2 The Mother expresses how it feels to be 'frayed at the seems', to experience 'mothers guilt' ("is it just a dream or vanity?"), the reality of 'breaking up feast fights', 'sleeping on the floor' and how 'motherhood in pictures is never what it seems'. Addressing the way a lot of social media idealises motherhood, misrepresenting the realistic experience of the majority.

The track itself begins with the plucking of a guitar, emulating the underlying feelings of being under time constraints. Spanish guitar and flutes are used to make an exotic and dream-like soundscape, expressing the sleep-deprived state many mothers experience particularly in the first 5 years of their child's life. The second verse is in French, embracing my dual cultural identity. The drop into the chorus is intentionally phat and dramatic conveying the toughness of mothers and their capability of far more than they are often given credit for! Finally, a spoken word verse replaces the bridge to emphasise a bit of the madness of motherhood.

Power 2 The Mother is an ode to mothers everywhere, honouring their tireless efforts in raising children, working, maintaining households, relationships and family bonds whilst having their own pursuits. I often question how to maintain a sense of self after becoming a mother, particularly facing the drastic expectations placed on mothers to maintain a type of 'zen mother' attitude, perfect physical appearance and idealistic parenting skills. The youth-obsessed culture of the entertainment industry has made women feel as though they are not of value unless they are young and single. Many mothers feel seldom acknowledged for their contributions to society and the immense load that they carry on a day-to-day basis.

So this track is honouring all the good mamas out there, we are valuable and we are badass!!

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