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For all the wild women out there..

This song is for you: WILDLING. Throughout history women have been condemned for being too wild, 'too emotional' or head strong and labelled 'neurotic', a bitch, hoe or a witch for simply being emotional beings who embrace their strength, sexuality, sensuality and connection to nature. My personal experience has been subject to this kind of labelling and assumption of my personality, as a young woman I leant into the 'wild' label as a sort of badge of honour. Though I have mellowed out as time goes on, I very much feel that rebellious energy still brews within me as a force that drives my creativity and musical inspiration.

Wildling is an ode to all women to embrace their wild side, to keep being heard and to take up space! I encourage my daughters to do so unapologetically, it's a beautiful thing :-)

"They teach her to stay wild at heart but try to cage her when she wonders

(They destroy our daughters)

A mother's love is cast in shame but this blood runs thicker than water

(You cannot destroy her)"

- Excerpt of lyrics from the bridge section.

Wildling is available for stream and download on most music platforms x

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