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Are you a Lone Wolf?

This one is close to my heart.. it's a song that I am really proud of and happened to be the first song I wrote and recorded and produced for my LOUVE album (coming out Oct 22nd). The result set the bar really high for the rest of the album and I strived to get each song to match this one. But this one still stands out to me as one of my absolute favourite songs I've ever written.

I'm very excited that it is finally coming out as my 5th album single on September 22nd! I've been sitting on this song for a year, keeping it a secret and I still love it as much as I did when I heard the first master!

As the title would suggest it is about being a lone wolf, feeling like a bit of a wanderer, perhaps a little misunderstood. Being happy alone but not wanting to spend life alone. The difficulty I personally experience with being needed (which is a challenge when you're a mother), juxtaposed with wanting to feel important to someone. This feeling perplexes me and I feel this song best expresses these combined emotional states in a beautiful way.

The songs sits on sweet live reggae drums played by Harley aka the drumming man, includes hammond organ by my awesome friend Moz, trumpet by the legend Ben and guitar by my rad producer Adriano. It also wouldn't be the same without two of my favourite individuals who sang gorgeous supporting vocals: Joy and Monday. I truly hope this song moves you the way it moves me.

Please help me get this song out there in the biggest way possible by pre-saving it now via this link:

And here is the first ever glimpse of the artwork!

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