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Addicted 2 Bass on Global Bass Day - 11th April!

My next release is a cover of a song that was a huge chart topper in the late 90s (1998). 'Addicted to bass' by Josh Abrahams (Puretone). The original release reached number 15 in Australia and number 27 in New Zealand while the 2002 release reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and number one on the US Dance Club Songs charts. The original is a drum and bass track with a monstrous dub step bass line, I chose to re-harmonise it and switch genre to electro jazz. Initiallyu it was an exercise I had to do for a uni assignmnet, but I liked the song so much I thought 'why not release it!'. Hope you love it too!

Out Aprill 11th 2021, which is global bass day.

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