About: 8 BILLION FACES song

This is my honest take on the pandemic A.K.A Coronavirus. I wrote this song when we first went into Lockdown in March 2020, there were lots of mixed emotions about what it meant and what it would mean for the future.

It really got me thinking about my belief that we need to work together, as one race to overcome the major issues in the world ie viruses, climate catastrophe, racism, sexism etc. I fully believe that looking after each other and the planet is how we can ALL prosper. We have a common enemy and that is a virus, we all live in the same place and that is earth, we all suffer and we all rejoice, we really are in this life together so why do large corporations and governments still behave as though we are expendable???

Where are the leaders that foster hope by demonstrating real action towards improving the state of our planet and the state of their populations?

I can think of one: the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Arden, a real hero in my opinion!

8 Billion faces sums up some of my feeling about 2020, I hope I can look back one day from a better world and marvel at what a strange time this was.

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