etoile marley


Bi-lingual 'genre-bending artist' (Australian/French)

  • Songwriter

  • Singer

  • Producer

  • Dancer

I have a keen interest in words and therefore lyrics, rhymes, spoken word... so call me a 'Logophile'.

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I grew up in Australia, going to a French school and having a bi-lingual upbringing. I also speak conversational Spanish and have always felt multicultural, never really belonging to one or the other culture but being a combination of several.

I began dancing at 7 years of age and joined a youth circus as a teen. I performed, taught and toured as a dancer and circus artist for just over a decade before having my first child. In 2015, I severely injured my back and then turned to music in 2018 (after my 2nd child) to begin my studies in vocals and songwriting.


I have been releasing music as a recording artist since 2020, with my first album coming out on October 22nd this year (2022). Before my debut album, I co-wrote a lot of my work, however this project "LOUVE" has been written entirely by me and co-produced with my friend and talented London producer Adriano Desire. LOUVE is a concept album based on the she-wolf.

I call myself a 'genre-bending artist' because I don't subscribe to being boxed in by a particular sound, part of this is because I am exploring who I am sonically and most times I lean in to what I feel the song needs to be best represented. The closest description I have currently is alternative pop with funk, hip-hop, trip-hop and jazz flavours.

Etoile Marley dancer.jpeg


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.