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'Genre-defying artist'


  • Bi-lingual lyricist 

  • Songwriter

  • Singer

  • Producer

  • Dancer/ choreopgrapher

I have an obsession with words so call me a Logophile..

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I grew up in Australia, going to a French school and having a bi-lingual upbringing. I also speak conversational Spanish and have always felt multicultural, never really belonging to one or the other culture but being a combination of several.

I began dancing at 7 years of age and joined a youth circus as a teen. I performed, taught and toured as a dancer and circus artist for just over a decade.


I have been releasing music as a recording artist since 2020, with my first album coming out in 2023. This project "LOUVE" has been written by me and co-produced with my friend and talented London producer Adriano Desire.

LOUVE is a concept album based on the she-wolf. Alternative pop heavily influenced by funk, hip hop and jazz. The album revolves around themes of empowerment, womanhood, strength, courage and sensuality.


To empower women and particularly mothers in the music and entertainment industries. Smashing stereotypes of being 'too old', 'not relevant' and being overly sexualised. Encouraging a space for older women to belong in an industry that obsesses over youth and consistently sexualises and objectifies women. Women of all ages are relevant and should be seen and heard!

Etoile Marley dancer.jpeg


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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