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Genre bending artist and songwriter, Etoile, prides herself on breaking traditional stereotypes. Her evolution into musician from professional dancer and circus performer has allowed her to merge her talents into her music, artistry and live performances.

A commanding presence and witty stage banter make for an eclectic entertainer who delivers sensual, husky vocals and low key rap. Described by peers as electro pop meets alternative hiphop

Etoile embraces her Australian/French heritage in her music, showcasing her bi-lingual upbringing by fusing french hooks with her Aussie rap style.

A mother of two, she endeavours to break the stigmas around being a performing artist and a mother who choses to pursue an 'unconventional' path. Encouraging a more open minded culture and championing minority groups.

A keen producer herself, Etoile maintains a very active role in the production and writing of her music. Combining self produced, self written tracks amongst co-written songs in collaboration with several producers. 


Her influences range from Portishead and M.I.A to Massive Attack, Jamiroquai, Spearhead and Sade.

Etoile Marley.jpg